Who is My Puppy Nanny

Annemarie fell in love with dogs, horses and all animals that wandered out of the woods while spending summers on her Great-grandpa’s 1,000-acre farm in Canterbury, Connecticut.
Never having had a pet of her own as a child, Annemarie went to college and immediately rescued a monkey and a cat, both of which lived in her dorm room with her for several years. This was only the start of a long list of animals that she would rescue over the coming years including a one-eyed horse.
News of her love of animals and rescue efforts got out and it was not unusual for her to come home to a dog tied up in her backyard or a crate of puppies on the back porch.
In 1978, the news was reporting a missing 5 year old child. Having two daughters herself, she wanted to help but had no way of doing so. Shortly thereafter she started reading about and researching Bloodhounds. After much research she brought home her first Bloodhound puppy, “Moonsong’s Tennessee Bracken,” better known as Tennessee. Another rescued Bloodhound, “Zac,” quickly followed and she trained both dogs for Search and Rescue. Annemarie and her Bloodhounds worked side by side for many years as a Search and Rescue team all over the State of Washington. She and Tennessee’s search efforts have been mentioned in a book “Salt of the Earth” about the abduction of a local 13 year old girl in Bothell.
One day, while perusing Petfinder just for fun, Annemarie saw a dog that caught her eye and reached out to her heart. He was a Pyrenees mix named Amos held in Wenatchee and scheduled to be euthanized the following day. His faults: he was too big, had no training, and he had been brought back to the shelter 5 times. Annemarie drove a few hundred miles to the shelter where Amos was being kept and brought him home. Amos was an escape artist, had separation anxiety and, if confined in a crate or small room, he would destroy it. A long year of behavior training began. Soon, more dogs followed. A Leonberger, a rescued St. Bernard and three Spinoni Italianos.
After seeing a sign in her vet’s office about Reading With Rover (www.readingwithrover.org), a literacy program for children, Annemarie decided that it was the perfect program for her and her dogs. Annemarie and her dogs soon became registered therapy dogs teaming with Pet Parthers and Reading with Rover organizations. They now volunteer together visiting nursing homes, working with children with Autism, Downs Syndrome and other special needs, and helping at-risk children discover the joy of reading with Reading With Rover in the Northshore School District. After becoming involved with the Reading With Rover program, Annemarie became the Community Relations Director and a board member for the program.  She is an evaluator for Pet Partners and Reading With Rover, and teaches therapy classes so that others can experience the joy of volunteering with their dogs. Amos and Reading with Rover were featured on Animal Planet’s Jane Goodall special called “When Animals Talk”. Annemarie and her dogs have also been featured in Reading With Rover stories on several local news stations, Evening Magazine, New Day, and the Ladies Home Journal.
Annemarie discovered that she not only loves being with the puppies but she loves to help the puppy’s family. So Annemarie started her own company, “My Puppy Nanny” (www.mypuppynanny.com). Anniemarie discovered all the wonderful benefits to having a dog in her life and she knows the importance of training and having your furry family members well-cared-for while you are away. After having worked with kids for 20 years in different capacities in the Girl Scouts of America organization, she was a perfect fit for creating a K911 class – just for kids and dogs. She knows the close relationship a puppy/dog can bring to a family or a child and she encourages it and loves to help families discover the same joy she has discovered with her dogs.