Sniff Out Your Options

No need to fear! My Puppy Nanny is here!
When you need care for your puppy, you really don’t have a lot of options unless you count on leaving them with well-meaning relatives or friends (otherwise known as the anti-trainers!). While it’s great that everyone LOVES your puppy, love alone does not a good puppy make!
Your puppy needs to be socialized in a positive way with people and other puppies. Your puppy needs to maintain a good housebreaking schedule and, if you choose, I can introduce your puppy to the “Potty Bell” training routine. Your puppy needs to continue with his crate training. (Oh! You’re not crate training? Well, we’re glad you’re here. You really DO need My Puppy Nanny!)
Now for the “love” part. I LOVE dogs and puppies! Love to cuddle them, love the licks and wags, patting puppy bellies and sweet puppy breath! We all want a dog that everyone can love. Having My Puppy Nanny love and maintain your puppy’s good manners while you are away will give you the peace of mind you need to enjoy your vacation. I know when I leave town my number one priority is how my dogs are cared for and by whom. I understand what you are feeling when you leave your puppy. I can promise you that your puppy will be surrounded by loving, caring people while you are away.
If your puppy is enrolled in classes I will be happy to take your puppy to class for you and maintain their good puppy manners (if my schedule allows).
Puppies need love, consistency, socialization, and all great dogs have a good Puppy Nanny in their life. Your puppy nanny could be My Puppy Nanny today. Feel free to fetch my contact information and “speak” to me!