Rave Reviews

Read below what our clients have to say about us and our services!

By the way, Rhoda has a terrible time at shows or anywhere actually being taken away from me. I have to leave several hours before the handler takes her to the ring or she is a basket case – at the vet ..anywhere- she loses it if I walk away. I am sure you are laughing….but that tells you how good you are – she is running AWAY from me when she sees you. Hilarious.
Also, Pancho, (the crated terrier) would normally have been growling and barking as he always is when someone walks up to his crate – but he did not do that to you…..what are you? A dog whisperer? You must be.
– Suzanne and Rhoda, Redmond, WA

Molly said she had a wonderful time with you! And her sits and downs are so consistent now. Thank you! We are so glad that you were able to care for her while we were away. I just knew that she would love you and your dogs. I am sure she had way more fun with you than she would have had with us at the wedding and in the car. And now she wants nothing to do with her little crate… she only wants her big crate now and of course with a blanket too. Wow, she is growing up so fast.
Thank you for taking such good care of her. We will definitely be calling you again to be our puppy nanny.
– Kerrie and Molly, Bellevue, WA

You take care of my dogs like they were your dogs. In a sense, this is not so hard. The hard part is, you do this fantastic job with your dogs. You are the ‘leader of the pack’, the dogs obey you, but they have a lot of fun in the process. They are always looking to you to provide them with the ‘fun’ stuff, so they cooperate with you. That is the value. Scooter comes home, wanting to be with me and cooperate with what I am doing. It is great. He seems to be doing well adapting back here. Yesterday, he was sleeping on the porch swing, happy as can be laying in the sun. He was very glad to see his people, and seems very well adjusted and calm. Thank you for taking such care of him.
– Jean Luebbert and Scooter, Woodinville, WA

I wanted to thank you again for boarding Murphy. It was wonderful (and relieving) to know that he was in good hands. Receiving ‘his’ letter and the photos were a nice surprise that I truly appreciated. He looks to have had a good time!
We haven’t finalized any future travel plans but I will definitely let you know and see if you are available.
– Kris Stolmeier and Murphy, Seattle, WA

I just wanted to tell you a tale of how the education you (and Becky) have given me for dogs helped. I was driving down a road, 30 mph limit, and oncoming traffic was a postal delivery truck. After it went by, it was clear there was a dog chasing it, with a leash hanging from the dog. There was a 10 yr old girl stopped at the end of the drive way. I had slowed when I saw the kid, and stopped when I saw the dog. The dog was hanging around the back of my car, in my blind spot, so I got out to see what I could do.
When I walked toward the dog, he backed away, looking like he was going to chase the truck again. So I did what I see you do. I turned sideways to the dog, leaned over, and talked softly too it, saying come here. He didn’t move, but each time he looked at the mail truck, I slid closer to him until I could step on the leash. The kid hadn’t moved from the driveway, (good training there!) so I picked up the leash and started walking slowly toward her talking softly to the dog. He followed well.
About 1/2 way there, the mother came running down the driveway, and met me. I handed the dog to her, went back to my car, and off I went. I am glad you taught me what to do, because that dog was heading out in a big way if I tried to catch it, and there can be a lot of traffic on that road, and 30 might be the speed limit, but 60 is the traffic.
SO thank you.
– Jean Leubbert and Scooter and Polly, Sequim, WA