Q. Where will my puppy sleep at night?
A. I prefer to crate puppies at night, preferably in their own crate, the one they’re used to sleeping in. Should your puppy not have his own crate, I have spare crates in which your puppy can sleep.
Q. Will my puppy have a chance to interact with other puppies his own age?
A. Yes. Even though this is a small business, there are usually a few puppies here at any given time. I also take puppies on field trips and if we encounter other nice puppies, we meet and greet each other.
Q. My puppy loves to cuddle with me. Will my puppy have any cuddle time?
A. I love to cuddle with puppies! It’s my favorite thing! Believe me, your puppy will have cuddle time every single day with me. (It’s one of the main reasons I’m in this business!)
Q. How will my puppy get his exercise each day?
A. I exercise puppies several ways. I allow puppies to run and play with other puppies their own age and size. This promotes sociability and physical development. I also challenge puppies with basic behaviors such as “sit” and “down” and “wait”. These behaviors cause your puppy to think and exercise his mind and further his development.
Q. Can I get a discount if I have more than one puppy staying with you?
A. Puppies require a lot of care, as you already know! Whether I have one of your puppies or more, each puppy still requires the same amount of work and attention. Therefore, I only offer a small discount for multiple puppies.
Q. What happens if my puppy becomes sick or injured while he is in your care?
A. I will have your veterinarian’s contact information and should your puppy need medical attention, I will take your puppy to your usual veterinarian for care. If your usual vet is not available or too far away or your puppy needs emergency care, I have a very good relationship with an excellent vet that is close by. Your puppy’s care and welfare are my first priority while he is in my care so you can rest assured I will take appropriate action should the need arise.
Q. When I bring my puppy for a stay with you, what things should I bring?
A. There are a few things that would make your puppy feel at home. If your puppy has a crate, bring it along because it will make your puppy feel more at home if he can relax in his own crate. If he has a favorite blanket or pad, you can bring that too. If your puppy has a favorite chew toy or type of bone, bring that along or let me know so I can have a supply on hand while your puppy stays with me.
Q. Do you provide food for my puppy or should I bring food?
A. I prefer that you bring your puppy’s food with you when you drop off your puppy. If you happen to be out of food, just let me know what he normally eats and I will buy a supply before your pup arrives. I don’t like to change your pup’s food because it can cause diarrhea and irritate his stomach making for a very unpleasant stay.
Q. How many puppies do you have at one time?
A. I like to devote my time to one or two puppies at a time. There have been occasions where I have had three puppies staying wth me at the same time but this is rare and I never go beyond three.
Q. During my puppy’s stay, can I count on any training?
A. Training can be arranged for your puppy. I work basic behaviors with puppies based on their maturity and what they can handle at their current age. We should discuss your puppy’s needs when you arrive and we can specifically address those needs and keep your puppy tuned up while he stays with me.
Q. Will you still take my dog when he is older?
A. I will care for your puppy into old age. Once your puppy starts coming, he can return no matter how old, you won’t need to worry about finding a new nanny and your puppy/dog will not have to adjust to a new environment.
Q. Do you take older dogs that you have not know as a puppy?
A. Older dogs are also welcome, however I must meet them beforehand to make sure that it is a good fit for all.